Unedited interview of a real black slave. Fountain Hughes was born a slave in 1848. He gained his freedom at age 17 after the Civil War in 1865.
He was 101 years of age at the time of this recording.

Fountain Hughes tried to warn the black community: DEPT is the new slavery.
“So many of colored people is head over heels in debt.”
The full text of the interview is found here.

Blacks ought to be awful thankful.
“Colored people that’s free ought to be awful thankful. And some of them is sorry they are free now. Some of them now would rather be slaves.”

Did the slaves ever talked about freedom?
Yes, when the preachers taught them the gospel of Jesus the slaves didn’t stop praying for freedom & chanting related christian songs. Note: in the west every significant movement to free slaves was bible-inspired.

So this amazing guy, an ex-slave, gets emotional when it gets to Jesus, but what about the church?
Final question: do you go to the church? “Don’t go to church at all”, he answers.
When he tries to explain [criticise protestant church ??] the recording suddenly ends.

Some comments

Unlike the Orthodox & Catholics the protestant churches were active communities having their elders accompanied to the church every Sunday or by having their brothers & sisters visiting them with house-served communion. So “go to a church” mainly means “belong to a church”.

Black slavery appeared when the the first banks were created, giving loans to slave traders.

Modern historiography goes like this: white christians enslaved the blacks. That’s all what a marxist needs to know while the same old banks fund their LGTB parades on sexual freedom.

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