International day of Yoga. #YogaDay2019
United Nations: “Yoga can bring together thought & action, including on important issues like #ClimateAction”.
It reminds us of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claiming she practiced yoga 3-4x/week.

There is a common Indo-European origin of languages & math, but only a European origin of civic virtues & humanism. Why?

  1. social connection: christianity
  2. radical activism: model of jewish Prophets (loners with a message by God)
  3. graeco-latin scholarship

During the same period of time, Indian culture developed a strong caste system.
The dominant male high-caste elites introduced Yoga. According to the original Linga Purana, the word ‘yoga’ means nirvana, the condition of Shiva, one of the principal deities of Hinduism.

To make a long story short, Christianity submitted the masses ONLY in the absence of the original texts.
With the discovery of printing press, the availability of New Testament led to 2 movements:

  1. religious protest (protestants)
  2. political anti-monarchy (monarchomaques)

Those two European movements (political + religious) appeared in 15th century when the masses obtained knowledge of what the Bible actually wrote against the hypocrite priests & kings. Combined with what stoics, Platonists and others have written.

Example: during the American Revolution the most successful radical pamphlet was written by Thomas Paine, titled “Common Sense”. More than 500,000 copies were sold. Although an anti-christian, Paine finds the most strong anti-monarchical arguments in the Old Testament.

In the Bible Israel has to chose: either obey Pharaoh, either God. You can’t have both.
Later, when Israel demanded a King, prophet Samuel prays to God & conceives the most ancient anti-monarchic narrative. Praying to God was NOT a mindfulness meditation.
1 Samuel Ch8

There are countless research papers showing the correlation between religiosity and civic engagement.
Pew Research 2019

Although Christian church can still control the masses (when they are IGNORANT of the original texts) the opposite is true for Hinduism & Marxism.
The more you get indoctrinated by original texts (marxist or Hinduist ) the more slave-minded you become.

There are plenty of medical benefits by engaging into mindfulness meditation in a personal level. Works like anaesthesia.
But in a social context it’s the strongest opioid of the planet: the opioid of tolerance. Drug strong enough for tolerating castes & tyrants.

Finally, please pay attention to this detail: the project is to give students MEDITATION instead of DETENTION.
Meditation has proven to be the the most effective way of PUNISHMENT and SUBMISSION of students to school masters.

Yoga: the most effective way of school DETENTION. It works like a charm for 2500 years.

13/ Welcome to the official website of United Nations, and happy #YogaDay2019

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