What is more easy?

A. To master dead languages (takes years and years) to examine original sources from the history of civic freedoms?
B. To make abstractions on “systems”, conjectures on “evolution” reading history from McGraw-Hill?

B is the laziest way. The modern way.

The reason why I’m criticising the “complex systems” activists is because their ignorance on actual complex history is transparent. ALL political ideas have been applied, through different constitutions, and failed, under certain conditions.

Referendums? Hitler did them e.g. to annex Austria. Napoleon became emperor through referendums. Erdogan consolidated his power through referendum.
France was the first country to reject the “European constitution” through referendum. This saved the decency of Europe.

France alone has tried 16 different constitutions, a laboratory of all shorts of dogmas, from extreme centralism to decentralisation.
Reading comments like “we need localism” by “complex systems scientists” it’s like watching a child participating in an adult conversation.

We should not underestimate Psychology, the “BS science”. The science of Psyche (ψυχή = soul), indistinguishable with classic Philosophy and Theology.
The nature of human soul is linked to deep roots of ETHICS vs. CORRUPTION: The MAIN thing that matters in a political system

[…] Freud started his career by copying Plato a whole lot.