What is “Champagne socialism”?

The story goes like this: Voltaire wrote radically progressive books while living in palace courts & investing… in the slave trade.

Meghan, holds back her progressive anti-conservative activism while she’s marrying into the Royal Family. “Meghan Markle’s activism to be held in check by royal protocol”. The Guardian

Gini Index + Social Equality in California and Holywood
The more social justice = The less GINI INDEX (metric of economic INEQUALITY)
Finland 21.5 – the most “equal” country in the planet
South Africa 62.5 – one of the most unequal countries in the planet
Can you guess what’s the GINI INDEX of Hollywood?

Lets compare the GINI INDEX
➠Mexico 48.2 (cartels)
➠New York: 55.1 (#ImWithHer)
➠California: 48.8 (Google, Apple)
➠Hollywood: 47.7
and …
➠Hungary: 28.2 (below France)
So is Hungary “conservative” & California “progressive” in terms of econ. inequality?

Authentic conservatism = Humanism
It never ceases to amaze me how most comments on race, slavery & enlightenment are uninformed or misinformed on the HISTORY OF ABOLITION OF SLAVERY.
Lets take a peak in an interesting summary found from Enlightment and Slavery.

And while the “white christian” became a synonym of “racist” let’s not forget:
a. Atheism and anti-christianity in the enlightenment was strongly linked to SCIENTIFIC RACISM (e.g. Voltaire)[1]
b. The EQUALITY of blacks & whites was taught as a CHRISTIAN idea based on the BIBLE

[1] Yes, in one detail. The references (in various books & the German Wikipedia) on the direct involvement of Voltaire in the slave trade are not solid. No doubt, however, that he was a pillar of scientific racism. He considered equality of races as a ridiculous Christian doctrine.


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