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Very interesting reflections. Some insight:

1911 Encyclopædia Britannica casually quotes greek in articles, without translation. It assumes the reader knows greek.

Back then they didn’t have the load of scientific subjects students have today. They had the time & energy to concentrate on ancient languages. Even atheists knew the contents of the bible very well. Jordan Peterson wouldn’t be able to stand 5 minutes without being called out.

When Harvard was established it had entry exams in only two subjects: Greek and Latin (not even math).

In France, the French Revolution was literally a deep dive inside the Graeco-Roman Psyche. Their texts, legal references, rigor. The Merveilleuses created fashion out of it, high-breasted transparent dresses reminiscent of the Greco-Roman.

Even the French civil code copied the Byzantine Corpus Juris Civilis, and concentrated all liberties around the Roman concept of Pater Familias. Those guys were fixated to resurrect the ancient world, and bring new light to a new world (even a new religion).

How did we end up here? I think new technology & sciences absorbed the brightest students to STEM and nobody sees value in dead languages. We can’t see the foundations of the house we inherited since we weren’t the ones who built the house (Nation States).