Evolutionary theory is academic cancer. It claims to be a science (rigid rules) but proved to have a plasticity that rationalizes any prejudice. A mirror that reflects any input. It offered no new perspective on any issue not already found in the classics (including ketogenic).

Darwinism is, in its core, layers of BS over layers of BS. Only accidentally leads to new information. For 1000s years some of the strongest minds of mathematics didn’t have the clarity and courage to rebuke astrology. Why? Because astrology is irrefutable. Same with Darwinism.

Most new legitimate information coming from Darwinism is through simple comparison. Similar organs – in different animals – may have similar function. Dah! Similar genes… also! wow. So much information! So much Darwinism! And it’s too often deceiving info (notably in genes).

Astrologers & Magi is not what you see in last pages of a pop magazine. It’s what some of the strongest minds had to offer to great Emperors. Facing death for their failures. #SITG I’d love to meet some of those men. Rather than darwinian parrots (repeat same answer to all Qs).

John Dee. Mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occult philosopher, and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. He advocated for a “British Empire”, a term he is credited with coining. Much more competent than Dawkins, memetic astrologer of the Darwinian cult.

I consider more than 90% of what I read everyday about “evolution” as a pseudo-scientific cover of a priori beliefs or conjectures. I would extend it to all scientific fields when they dare to touch human reality. e.g. the IMF is run by astrologers.