THE FUTURE OF EUROPE. Paris VIII, an extra left-wing LGTB loving, immigrant hosting University in Paris. Posters of Lenin all over the place when celebrating the 100 years of Com. Revolution, often dildos decorating students’ posts as sign of “diversity” and open-mindedness.

Last time I visited Paris VIII library, this month, I noticed bed bugs (highly contagious) crawling all over the place. This made me nervous and I warned the staff: the situation of filthiness & uncleanness is out of control. Les Misérables all over again.

And today this is in the news. Police forces evacuated a building from immigrants (using force & tear gas). What the article doesn’t say is that this happened AFTER diagnosing personnel with scabies (!) highly contagious skin disease.

When marxists face the unintended consequences of their actions they don’t discuss, they gas. No selfies, no talking, just gas. They hide evidence & invite brutal force with tear gas against illegal immigrants, against their “buddies”, the object of their virtue!

I’ve said it many times, l’ll say it again. One day marxist liberals are going to expel homosexuals (again) the same way Lenin did, the same way Paris VIII ousted the “filthy” immigrants. Marxism doesn’t have the slightest shred of humanism or fidelity.