Thread Friends, your attention please. What both Radical Left and the Intellectual Dark Web (e.g. @jordanbpeterson ) have in common ? The pseudoscience of Social Dominance Orientation (SDO) theories.

The SDO are psychological tests including questions like: “Some groups of people are inferior to other groups?” “Groups at the bottom should have to stay in their place?” Obviously high scores in SDO tests shows a positive relationship with authoritarian and racist beliefs

They’ve found that men in average score higher than women in SDOs Well, what does this mean? – More men are “dominant pricks” than women. – Less “dominant pricks” are found in lower levels of society than in the higher. After all being “less successful” is more humbling.

The Critical Theorists, the Marxists and all BS vendors commit the same logical fallacy: lack of symmetry. They study one convenient dimension without studying the OPPOSITE dimension, in parallel. In simple words: they define “masculinity” by being a “prick” but not a “hero”

SYMMETRY: honest research would ask two symmetrical questions: a. do you support strongly the establishment of rigid dominance? b. do you support strongly the break of rigid dominance in society? Now obviously the answer in both (a) and (b) is “mostly men”.

Men created dictatorships and men broke them. Men created pyramids and men broke them. It’s true that “mostly men” are pricks, but “mostly men” worked years and years in the underground for us to enjoy internet and open participation. SYMMETRY reveals the truth.

Now, Jordan Peterson (and the club of powerful men he represents) always talks about “Dominance Hierarchy” as the source of “meaning in life”. Peterson is not naive, but I’m not sure about his hopeless & ignorant followers.

Peterson is fixated on Egyptian history and theology as the… source of western civilisation. Even Jesus & Mary were, according to JP, derived by Egyptian archetypes. Pyramid & one-eye, he says, are among his favourite symbols, as Captain Obvious would have already noticed.

So what’s going on here? What makes the west as west is that the greeks broke the Pyramidal & Babylonian traditions introducing civil culture of honour based on VIRTUE. The greeks introduced the “hierarchy of norms” (legal term) in contrast with “hierarchy of dominance”.

It took centuries for the Greeks with new traditions to break the elitist culture of the past. e.g. Homer presents the one-eye as a symbol of the most uncivilised creatures, the cyclops trying to keep the sheep in the cave. Even Odysseus pretended to be sheep to escape.

The anti-pyramidal teachings of the Old Testament meets the Greeks. The people of Israel become a “nation” only after Moses brought them OUT OF EGYPT. This EXIT marked by the greek ΕΞΟΔΟΣ becoming the title of the 2nd book of the Bible. Genesis and then Exodus!

My friends, as you can see, both the radical left, the right, & pop culture play the same game: re-introduction of new forms of Social Dominance Orientation theories in the hearts of the youth. The new astrologers pretend to be scientists, using rhetorics in staged debates.

So, the media system provides us with two options of Dominance Hierarchy: Extreme Corporatism or Radical Communism ? What do we choose? They mask it as “hierarchy of success” Ex. Pres. of Israel asked Iran to follow his “success” in the region, an argument JP also makes.

The greco-romans created one metric: rule of law. Why? Success is often indistinguishable from corruption. ex. while Israel is presented by JP as an example of “success” (TOP in his HIERARCHY OF DOMINANCE scale) was condemned in 45 resolutions by UN Human Rights Council

Final Points: – western heritage = enlightened + humanistic rule of law for ALL (ΙΣΟΝΟΜΙΑ – ΙΣΟΠΟΛΙΤΕΙΑ) – the point of CORRUPTION is this: abuse your TALENT for DOMINANCE + SUCCESS (e.g. Mafia was successful)