People don’t get (2). Let’s elaborate. There is not such a thing as “christian law”. Jesus left no Mosaic laws. The modern legal system of most countries is based on Civil Code, founded on the famous Corpus Juris Civilis, by Justinian, a Saint of the Church.

Wikipedia: “The legal thinking behind the Corpus Juris Civilis served as the backbone of the single largest legal reform of the modern age, the Napoleonic Code, which marked the abolition of feudalism.”

The University of Bologna, where Justinian’s Code was taught, remained the dominant centre of legal studies in the High Middle Ages. It’s considered as the oldest university in continuous operation.

To summarise, the Reformation & Enlightenment was a movement towards the Latin & Greek texts, the original ideas of New Testament & the legal system of Byzantines. Today progressivism is in the OPPOSITE direction based on profound ignorance of linguistics & history.

Although Fr. Revolution was a cultural shock & did amazing “marketing” of the secular spirit, this historically came from UK/US. Voltaire became a philosopher AFTER visiting UK, writing about the “liberté” of Christian Quakers & heritage of W. Penn.

US pioneered in many domains. Since the topic here is christianity & the state:
– City of Philadelphia was a RELIGIOUS experiment w/ radical secular logic (before Europe)
– became economic center
– revolutionary center, where the Declaration of Independence was later signed

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Do you think Academy of Athens in 400 AC was the same as in 400BC? It’s been 800 years. The Academy spent public money to teach Theurgy (!) and Magic (!). Are you sure your children should have this curriculum today? The Byzantine Higher Ed actually REMOVED religious education.
[…] Take a look at Proclus (Neoplatonist), the last major classical philosopher.