Ignorance & pseudoscience of “Social Science” in one graph. Real science has control groups & compares attendance / non-attendance within each group. With controlled research (symmetric) we find STRONG ASSOCIATION between attendance at religious services & DECREASED mortality.

There are countless studies. It takes time to rule out the BS (which is common nowadays) and find keywords e.g.: intrinsic religiosity vs. extrinsic religiosity, adaptive vs. maladaptive perfectionism, quality of life etc. In physiology I know spirituality correlates w/ oxytocin.

Hubris indeed. The lack of respect & understanding by modern academics is transformed into pseudoscience. That’s the end-product of hubris: ἄτην (blindness)

The most recent study I found in Internal Medicine. If you take just church attendance it may happen that unhealthy people go more often at church. How they controlled for this? They took 74 534 women WITHOUT serious disease and followed them for 20 years.

So in this study they didn’t took people who go to the church and those who don’t. This is naive. They took a group (of healthy people) and controlled mortality with different variables WITHIN this group. They examined mortality symmetrically for each variable.