High cognitive ability
1. ability to strongly stereotype
2. ability to learn = adapt classifications (stereotypes) by training

Cognition is NOT critical thinking

Cognitive ability = susceptible to stereotype training by those who control culture & education

The highly educated, once trained to say “the filthy Jew” (Nazism) are now trained to say “you’re an antisemite” (e.g. when criticising Israel).

We see the same trend with highly educated people (intellectual elite) bringing in politics the stereotypes of their training.

In the graph we see the correlation of University education & voting for the left.

The dictionaries of Larousse and Le Robert are the most famous in France, illustrated, targeting children with high cognitive abilities (a thirst to learn).

This is how children are trained to stereotype. In one cover we see Obama & in the other we see Che Guevara.

The most shocking graphs, come from Edelman global reports, demonstrating that in all countries the “informed population” (higher cognitive abilities) have consistently HIGHER TRUST to official institutions (NGOs, TV media, Government) than the “non-informed”.
Example: US 2018

And here is my favourite one: left-wing voters (in the LGTB++/Soros train of education) are highly educated, like the supporters of Obama & Hillary.
Hillary supporters have + 34 POINTS in their trust in mainstream media! And of course they trust NGOs more.

I found these trends consistently in all countries that I checked, UK, Brazil, China, France etc.
You can download the most recent, “2018 Edelman Trust Barometer Global Report”

In China they indoctrinate about the importance of Government. In the west they indoctrinate about the importance of NGOs. This reflects the beliefs of the general population expressed as trust. But the “highly informed” (higher cognition) express STRONGER TRUST!

Liberal indoctrination is a trend every STEM field, not only in humanities. This graph is from Nature, we see the same trend in all scientific fields. Take a closer look at astronomy & astrophysics. Do you see anything strange?

Mathematics, Economics & Engineering seem to be the last castles, they still have some conservatives left, under a ton of liberal pressure.