Lets review the basics. In ANY health issue there is no metric for good health, only for bad health. What does this mean? It means that measuring effects of “lower IQ” doesn’t allow us to make scientific claims for “higher IQ”. Get it?

We can perform the same “magic trick” with blood pressure, in 3 categories low/medium/high & similar diagrams saying “high blood pressure” is linked to psychopathy. Oh my gosh! Good blood pressure is the secret of escaping psychopathy! Right? The same with glucose, IQ etc.

And guess what! We can also link blood pressure (or any other low health metric) with car accidents and other misfortunes. We can perform the same magic trick the astrologers of psychology just did with IQ & accidents.

The problem with social scientists is they build mono-parametric ideologies, that they consider “science”, avoiding to deal with the complex reality of health and success. Ironically, today the field attracting the lower IQ (social sciences & psychology) is fixated with IQ.