Once institutions are hijacked & propaganda is established
a. psychological gap: filled with the astrologers of Pharaoh, preaching how to play the hierarchical system by the book
b. gap of action: extremists & activists. Even if they’re mad they get respect showing #SITG

2/ The issue with SJWs is NOT that they are extremists or activists, but that they pretend to be. The corporate establishment (e.g. CNN, WP, Google, Amazon) are watching their back. They have no #SITG, they get no respect for their tantrums.

3/ Respect transcends ideology & time. Tommy Robinson, today, is not respected for his ideas but for his actions.

4/ What’s worse than getting no respect? Betraying it. Any book of communism ends with the same chapter: betrayal of initial cause. Hitler got respect for carrying wounds for his new ideas. It took time for the Germans (and a WW) to understand the implications of his ideology.