-Left: SJW utopia is the solution. Why? capitalism fails!
-Right: capitalism is the solution. Why? communism fails!
-Social Scientists: IQ is secret of success. Why? low IQ fails!

Ideology is thinking you’ve found the secret of success because you’ve studied …the failure.

We have to remind our socialist friends that STATE TERRORISM (and throwing gays to jail) is not a “side effect” of Marxism, it’s the legitimate firstborn child. This is what happens when the “dictatorship of proletariat” gains the power of… you know… a dictatorship.

We have to remind our capitalist friends that CORPORATISM is not a “side effect” but a legitimate firstborn child of capitalism. The same with mass media hijacking social institutions & prostituting the news narrative to the highest bidder.

And finally, we have to remind our social scientists that 2% of US population (6.514.000 people!) are gifted with IQ over 130. If there was a “dominance hierarchy” of competence based on IQ, this 6M would have taken over US institutions a long time ago. They didn’t. Why?