The strongest signs that western Europe re-enters the Middle Ages:

1. #scientism – the critics of scientific orthodoxy live on the fringe
2. #privilegism – the ruling elite exchanges privileges with loyalty e.g. access to institutions by belonging to a privileged & loyal group
3. Ignorance of the Classics: Petrarch (14th C.) coined the term Dark Ages referencing to the “intellectuals” who remained ignorant on the classics. After the Dark Ages it’s the 1st time west. academics & politicians embarrass themselves w/ profound ignorance on basic history.

I found this old book from a flee market in Paris. Students used to learn Homer as the King of “Les Humanités”. Today Homer is dead. Again. Second time in western history.

The second image is from the “Who Killed Homer?: The Demise of Classical Education and the Recovery of Greek Wisdom” by Victor Davis Hanson.
You can find a sample of his lectures here, e.g. on the “asymmetry that is uniquely western”.

Although I respect Prof Hanson, he didn’t manage to fully cure himself from the disease he fluently diagnosed e.g. he claims “the west was tolerant” pointing to religious beliefs like the Stoics or the Pythagoreans. Then who burned down Pythagoras’ school? Who killed Socrates?

The secret of the west was NOT [naive] tolerance. It was…
the habit of negotiating instead of just dominating or submitting
the habit of attributing honour to the enlightened & heroic figures
the habit of respecting the timeless truths as greater than ephemeral desires

And last but not least, the habit of repenting. The west has expressed remorse on wrongdoing multiple times. The greeks killed Socrates. They repented. They (probably) killed Pythagoras. They repented.
For comparison: Talmud is quite proud (until today) for the death of Jesus.