Dawkins spent his career pretending he doesn’t understand anachronism. A clown of an atheist circus quoting Old Testament against… Christianity. In his mental salads the humanistic christian morality is just a logical standard. Now he understands anachronism!… wait… what?

Anachronism à la carte! All those who condemn & criticise christianity are the same who later criticise Athens based on… christian morality! They’re not crazy. They pretend they don’t understand how history works and how christian religion revolutionised western humanism.

In every topic scientific or philosophical we need standards. Hypocrites constantly change standards. They criticise Old Testament (or Athens) using morality that Byzantines (=christianity) introduced (e.g. women’s rights) AND they criticise Byz using modernity as standard!

We have:
– “hard sciences” called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
– social sciences & liberal arts / humanities (e.g. literature, history)

Scientism is the false belief that only the “scientific method” (experiments) reveals the important truths in life.