– Attempted suicide rate in trans people is ~40%
– The “experts” claimed it’s “gender dysphoria” due of conservative & religious social beliefs

However…. atheism is rising. Progressivism is rising. LGBT is rising. Then why gender dysphoria is RAPIDLY RISING?

There is NOT A SINGLE ONE public figure stigmatising LGTB or Trans people. e.g. “Gender fluidity is fascinating to me. Every time someone says you’ve got to learn words like cisgender or trans, or when someone asks me to refer to “thee” or “thou” I get so excited” ~ E. Thompson

See a pattern here?

Liberals of Social Justice demand the removal of amendments from the Constitution, the foundation of JUSTICE.
Liberals against Racism, all day promoting only one thing: racial segregation.
Against “gender dysphoria” causing the INCREASE of such dysphoria.