Answers to tweets from a deleted account.

I wish we could say the same for Branko Milanovic’s system in economics. “personal morality exists only outside economics or capitalism”

Branko is a clever guy. Former lead economist in the World Bank’s research department. He wants to be with the king, and with the pleb. With Byz and against Byz. With personal morality (keep it at home) and without morality (in Bank). With Taleb’s system and without.

Research in christian values & economics show the same thing: pick any region w/ the worst conditions. Replace the inhabitants with English Puritans from the Victorian era and… boom! You’ll have a thriving economy. Why? Because personal morality drives the strongest economy.

Let’s change the framing. The issue here is the law. There are 2 schools of thought “legal = moral” (positivist) and the “unwritten laws of divine quality” (Antigone) translated as “natural laws”–> Enlightenment–> French & American revolution –> declaration of human rights.

You know, Antigone is not just for intellectual curiosity. It’s foundational in any decent Introduction to Law. It’s the rebellion against “legal positivism” (dominating modern EU & old dictatorships). It’s not just a philosophical battle, it’s a legal one! Dalloz, 2017 edition.