Trevor doesn’t get it. US came too late to the diversity party. The french created the game and know the main rule: NEVER overshadow national identity symbols. When the ambassador of France corrects your multiculturalism you should take notes, for your social safety.

It’s worth noting that Trevor is neither an American nor a French citizen. No skin in the game. If France & US undergo social collapse, he’ll continue making jokes, as a citizen of S. Africa with a certain racial, national & political orientation (to put it lightly).

You can argue with crazy hypocrites who change their standards constantly in the same conversation. In the same video he claims he can use the word “Africans” because it’s not racist, but not others, cause it’s racist, and he’s the only one to judge you… based on your… race.

I generally don’t support politicians or ambassadors but this time the ambassador represents accurately not only the Fr gvmnt, the Fr people but also the Fr black community. In US blacks are african-americans. In France they are French. Period. Every other identity comes 2nd.

Look, I’m not trying to justify or explain anything here. I’m just stating a reality: my black friends were offended by Trevor. They feel French & blue team OFFICIALLY represents France. Of course, after the game some partied in traditional African themes embracing their culture.