The French Christmas tradition: religious persecution. Now it has become a legally-binding European obligation. Example: today the city of Béziers is – again – legally persecuted, this time by the State, for placing a Christmas crib in public space.

According to European Court of Human Rights relig. symbols like Christmas cribs are FORBIDDEN to be used by public agents in public spaces of ALL European countries, based on art. 9 of European Convention for Human Rights. Eradicating western christianity is a “human right”

It’s about public agents, not everybody. It’s about religion and state separation.

The game is rigged and dishonest. The point is this: when Greeks or Italians enter EU, do they know that celebrating Christmas in schools is actually illegal against the treaty of human rights? No. Nobody told them. It’s a surprise they’re going to find out in the future.

Christian persecution under European treaty of human rights.

EU has created a Daedalus of legal complexity almost incomprehensible to the average voter. I’ll create a short review here.

2/ The Council of Europe (not EU), founded in 1949, consists of 47 member States that have signed the The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). This international treaty is legally binding (“direct effects”) to all members, enforced by The European Court of Human Rights.

3/ This should not be confused with the “indirect effects” of the EU directives by the European Union that have to be harmonised in State laws. ECHR = Direct Effects are Legally Binding (milestone decision: Van Gend en Loos )

4/ The geniuses named “European Court of Human Rights” also as ECHR, …the same short-name with the treaty (!). And as if the confusion is not enough, they named the European Council or Council of the European Union to be confused with Council of Europe. A babel of terminology.

5/ Anyway, according to The European Court, in many of its decisions, the article 9 of the Convention is translated as a ban of public officials (including teachers) to use ANY religious or “philosophical” (sic) symbols. Example: Aktas c/France, 30 juin 2009, req. n°43563/08

6/ Now, the term “law” is used by ECHR with the same value as “jurisprudence”. This means that ALL decisions of the European Court are LEGALLY-BINDING to ALL 47 countries or else…. the country is condemned (including Turkey that was condemned)

7/ Now, while France is CONDEMNED by many decisions (based on article 9) this is NOT applied to other EU countries. Why? The European Court invents many BS excuses to buy time.

8/ The inconsistencies of law are labeled “doctrine”. The most notable doctrine by Eur. Court is the “Margin of appreciation: Italy can keep their crosses in schools – for now – since those religious symbols are judged to be “essentially passive”, not “active”. BS to buy time.

9/ The history of separation of State and Religion (started in US) was NOT removing christianity from public space. It was a western effort for independence from the Cardinals of religion (the middlemen of God) while teaching the Bible in schools.

10/ French Revolutionaries didn’t revolt against the “King”. This is a naive cartoonish version of history. The King had no virtual power, that’s why he couldn’t do any reforms, although he tried. Reforms were blocked by the “higher court” of Paris (Parlement de Paris).

11/ French revolutionaries were mostly LAWYERS (like Robespierre) revolting against the Higher Court of Paris. Robespierre famously said: “Le mot jurisprudence doit être effacé de notre langue” “The word “jurisprudence” [higher court decisions] should be banned from language”

12/ The idea of Nation/Nationalism (article III of the Declaration of Human Rights, 1789) was to REPLACE the Higher Courts with a legislative power, elected by the nation. Today, as Édouard Lambert has said, we go back to the “gouvernement des juges” (government of juges).

13/ There are countless cases in France (and other countries) that the representatives (of the Nation) vote for one thing, and the European Courts reject the new laws as “against the international convention”. The Nations are loosing their legislative power to Courts.

14 / If I go to Saudi Arabia and claim Christianity & Islam are “equal” under the law, this means one thing: persecution of Islam, suppression of islamic heritage from public space. The same when “equality” is applied to a christian nation. Only through christ. persecution.