Helene Ahrweiler is a prof of history, the first woman to become Principal in the 700-year history of Sorbonne, Paris. In her book Μια ζωή χωρίς άλλοθι (A life without an alibi) she mentioned #Macedonia as a project of George Soros. It is a region “bought by Soros” she writes.

It’s not a secret that George Soros financed NGOs & politicians related to the “Macedonian” cause. On his twitter account, he literally celebrates. Nothing secret here. He openly uses power & influence to change the narrative of Greek History & destabilise northern greek borders.

Now take a closer look on the map that Soros shows on twitter & his NYT article. It’s a map of the SuperNational dream of the “Great Macedonia”, a project of the “Macedonian nation” to take over N. Greece. #Macedonia is a linguistic scam made by marxists, taken over by Soros.

Apparently I missed a clue today. Kudos to @promulgatus A tearful article of #Macedonia propaganda circulated today by a lecturer of Westminster Uni, founded by George Cayley. It’s not only the website promoting Soros. Guess who is donating to the Uni?

So, there is a “Macedonia Human Rights Movement”. The Soros boys found the gift that keeps on giving: Human Rights. It’s a matter of Human Rights the freedom to steal, scam, manipulate & lie. Take a look at the MHRMI logo. Again, the same Soros map including Northern Greece.

Tsipras’ gvment body promoted 90 individuals from 2015 (ministers, deputy-ministers etc.) 50 of whom come directly from Communist Parties. Among the rest, 22 w/ similar background. Source The non-Greek Macedonia is a traditional communist indoctrination.

So in Greece the hardcore Communist Party has indoctrinated prominent members of the Conservatives! And journalists / editors in the most widespread CONSERVATIVE journal!