“I believe in science” A mental level of 5-year olds is spreading among the elites. PhD holders, academic authors, and google executives “believe in science”, have as higher purpose in life to “be kind” and think about “world peace”. The poopoos of intellectualism.

Al Jazeera is based in Qatar, with a Constitution on Sharia law (including flogging and stoning). Here, AJ+ dances with the liberal songs, promoting a summit (made by bankers, google etc.) w/ a Hollywood star against “people who don’t believe in science”.

Plato, the Bible & the Enlightenment have all something in common: they revisit the belief in God & divine as source of wisdom and explicitly teach SKEPTICISM in human nature & the profane (source of sin). René Descartes didn’t “believe” in the science of his time.

According to Google trends, the phrase “believe in science” appeared in spikes, and was recently normalised, picked in 2017.