In legal terms Liberties are NOT considered Rights e.g. Liberties lack exclusivity. You can say “this is my car and don’t touch it” (exclusive right of property) but you can’t say “my free speech, you can’t have it”. A liberty belongs equally to all.

Roman & medieval societies were based on granting rights to those considered honourable or loyal. Traditionally those who “fight for the regime” enjoyed privileges (see modern LGBT-Bankers relationship). Feudocracy was the same: granting special rights based on loyalty.

Both US & French Revolutions & Constitutions had ultimate purpose to create a “new model” of State (new for Europe) that would LIMIT any special rights or privileges to groups or individuals, even if their work was considered honourable or meritocratic (e.g. army, priests).

What is Human Right? The concept is complicated w/ many applications. Today we see, based on Hohfeld’s famous distinction, a disproportionate movement to the “Privilege/Power/Immunity” aspects dominating the term, based on marxist ideology. From liberty rights to claim rights.