The atheist community proved to be the most toxic proponent of BLIND TRUST & UNCRITICAL ACCEPTANCE OF AUTHORITY in the name of science. There is not a single mental trap atheist soldiers didn’t fall into giving a hint why atheism contributed nothing to our civilisation.

Dawkins, the famous atheist biologist, is maybe the most important impediment that slows down research in biology, by waging a war against systems biology, playing w/ political & media powerhouse dominating national-level textbooks & curriculums. It’s the disgrace of science.

When atheists talk about history, they make communists look like Saints. They criticise Christianity as synonym of “astrology” that “slows down science” while Byzantines where the FIRST civilisation that BANNED astrology & BANNED theology from higher education (pandidakterion).

Tim O’Neill, an atheist himself, does an amazing job exposing the ignorance & stupidity populated by the major atheist celebrities. We’re not talking about a couple of mistakes here or there, but their core understanding of history, totally BS.

Atheists now use their toxic platform to construct “scientific” arguments against Brexit and Trump. So… apparently… “facts” and “science” show that Trump supporters are idiots, victims of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Stephen Fry voiced over a lecture supporting, among other things, the “scientific fact” that immigration decreases the crime rate (!). Bypassing that LEGAL immigration is NOT the same as ILLEGAL, tribalism & pedophilia are among the imported elements.

This reminds me of another peak of Fry’s ignorance, claiming he would prefer the “greek version” of God. With obviously no clue that the Jews didn’t believe in the afterlife judgement… it was the Greeks that did! (From Homer to Apology of Plato).

And this also reminds me of another documentary made by Fry on the issue of depression, promoting the scientific usage of LITHIUM. Of f***ing lithium! Cause that’s what *scientists* told him. Nothing about curcumine, nothing on saffron, nothing on caffein/l-theanine or exercise.

Note: the idea of PRISON, instead of death penalty, was a Christian institution of Canon Law of the middle ages. The Higher Court (Parlement de Paris) created La Tournelle (1436) judging criminal law WITHOUT clergymen. Why? To reinstitute death sentence!

That’s why Montesquieu, although critical of Catholic institution, declared in the “Spirit of the Laws” (1748) that Christian religion overall inspires humanity in western laws. This level of humanity, historically, is NOT found in atheistic & rationalistic regimes.

By using the idea that pedophilia is imported, you are influencing readers in thinking that “these foreign people” are inherently (gut reaction). But the sin you criticize is unfortunately universal, isn’t it?
Everything that I write has a context. All great ancient philosophers lived as immigrants. I’m not going around randomly accusing immigrants. But let’s not pretend a huge problem doesn’t exist. Official child-adult marriages is an “immigrated” problem.

It can be an “immigrated” problem in some polities such as Sweden. But it’s not in the USA where it is legal in most states. I will agree to say that it can be, but it’s not “always” a problem enabled by lax atheists. It’s not foolish to say Christian Americans are at fault too
Just for clarification, in this thread I’m not against all atheists (I praised one in particular). I’m against western atheist intellectuals (aka atheistic scholarship). It is unique. It is unparalleled. Haven’t found any other domain filled – almost exclusively – with ignorance.

In other words, a christian / muslim / jewish author may advocate their religion, spirituality, culture, and it can be a golden treasure. Or trash. But I’ve never seen an atheist writing on atheism, without butchering history, logic, or science (not always in that order).