Things are getting quite serious. I’ve seen students cornered & pushed to participate on liberal questions in an academic setting. They often pretend to be sick & leave the class to escape . I’ll share some tips for approaching topics like:

– gay rights
– nationalism

Gay rights: when cornered – in front of a classroom – you may ask back the professor with a simple question: “who is going to be the guarantee of gay rights? The people or an enlightened powerful elite? Who is the SOURCE of legal rights of minorities? The whole class blocks.

If the people are the guarantee of gay rights, then why liberals refuse to do referendums (e.g. in France or US) for those laws? Why do they criticise the whole society as homophobic? Should we then endorse a powerful elite (not the people) as the guarantee of human rights?

On Nationalism: smart asses dominate academic debates declaring or implying that nationalism is created by the Devil and his prophet…. Hitler. I’d propose two approaches.

One approach, when asked, is to answer back: “What nationalism? Franco Nationalism [the Spanish dictator] or Catalonia Nationalism [fighting for independence]? They are both… nationalisms… you know. It’s a quick & dirty way to block the classroom.

A second approach is this: if Hitler used nationalism to spread nazism, then what ideology won nazism? In other words: I’m curious, who actually won the WWII? What kind of songs did our nazi-fighters & heroes sing? Do YOU sing the same songs today monsieur Professor?