1/ What is worse? Low-educated Trump supporters being rigid thinkers or highly-educated idiots evoking science & technology, having no clue of what they’re talking about? It’s far from amazing. It’s tragic. And it’s not prejudice, it’s f***ing SURVIVAL.

2/ Scientific BS. There is NOT such a thing as “20% Mexican”. All humans have 99 % identical DNA. We’re all 99% Adolf Hitler. …. and 60% of this DNA is common with bananas. That’s only if we count for DNA. If we root down to bio elements, we’re all 100% bananas.

3/ Imagine in your test results: “your DNA shows you’re 99% Adolf Hitler”. It’s as ridiculous as it gets. But somehow saying “you’re 20% Mexican” pass the scientific standards. DNA fragment polymorphisms give a picture about population movements, but not about identity.

4/ Today, with rich supply of food, it’s all liberal rainbows and funny commercials. During a SERIOUS DEATH-THREATENING FOOD SHORTAGE nonintegrated immigrants will do what their CULTURE OF ORIGIN dictates them to do: tribes + tribe masters + primitive law (e.g. Mex. Cartels).

5 / The “personnalité des lois” is a legal term, a PREDICTABLE RESULT of UNCONTROLLED IMMIGRATION. It’s how we had “islands of barbaric law” within the Roman law right before the fall of Rome. 2018; The Telegraph: British court recognises sharia law in landmark divorce case.

Another interesting case is North vs. South Korea: Same race. Same language. Radically different culture. Is it humanitarian for S. Korea to open the borders WITHOUT control for social integration?