Things are not so complicated.
– Tsipras typical marxist agent for Germany (see Lenin)
– He signs a treaty with pseudoscientific claims: e.g. Macedonian language doesn’t exist in linguistics, it’s Bulgarian.
– 70% Greeks disagree. Ask for REFERENDUM. Gassed by Tsipras’ regime.

Imagine if nationalists in US claimed “we are Parisians speaking the Parisian language”. 1st they aren’t in Paris, 2nd they speak English, 3d NOT such thing as “Parisian”, it’s French. Similarly the Greeks say “you’re Albanians/Bulgarians crazy nationalists, you speak Bulgarian”.

The irony is this. The majority of Greeks disagree and are labeled as “white nationalists”, while the same media support the ACTUAL white supremacists of “Macedonia”, w/ pseudo-historical claims & grandiose national rhetoric similar to Hitler Aryan race.

As I’ve already shown in previous thread, George Soros is not hiding his excitement for the “Macedonian” nation. In his NYT article he promotes the map for the “United Macedonia” ultranationalist project to exploit Greek history & N. Greek territory.

Macedonia is a region “bought by Soros” writes Helene Ahrweiler, Principal of Sorbonne, Paris.

It’s also a strong investment by Germany. 1) download “Soros leaks” to see how Open Society Foundation lobbied Merkel. 2) Lenin was FINANCED by Germany to deceive the Russians in favour of Germany. Tsipras with same marxist BS deceived the Greeks.

1944, the US Secretary of State under President Roosevelt made a clear evaluation about the “Macedonian” issue.

Today Nimetz, the Representative of UN openly warned (threatened?) Greece for “negative consequences” if refuse to sign the treaty. He used “Google translate” as scientific argument that “Macedonian” is a distinct language. Well… you can take the quiz:


My theory is this: nobody won a battle against Alexander. It’s more probable for nato & europe to go down than to survive by stealing the memory of Macedonia. Nobody dared this level of Hubris, not even Hitler, without nemesis hitting the door.