1 / Why so many people love platitudes and empty generalisations?

It’s difficult to keep track on how many “human right” declarations EU has officially signed. You read the same platitudes again & again.
Give a Feynman quote to a science geek, he’ll consume it like divine.

2 / Left-wing paranoia (open borders) is answered w/ right-wing generalisations. People choose their platitudes, “borders” vs. “rights”.
Nation is NOT “borders”. In fact, all empires were multinational & nations didn’t disappear. Life is complex and requires complex solutions.

3 / Meanwhile academics give naive interpretations confusing the effect w/ the cause. It’s raining cause the floor is wet. Social justice is a phenomenon… cause teens have psychological issues, didn’t clean their room, and didn’t get a job & a life. This BS has taken over.

4 / On top of that, the business experts explain how the “build your business” motto is the solution. Solution to what? to systemic corruption and the hijack of political institutions? to the lack of civic life? solution to media cartels? to banks controlling macroeconomy?

5 / For a long time I thought there was a lack of supply, twitter convinced me there is a lack of demand, particularly in intelligent groups of people. It’s enough to TALK about rights, patriotism or whatever…. Almost never fine-tuning an intelligent debate on the solution.