1 / “A REFERENDUM was held in Germany on 19 August 1934. The German leadership sought to gain approval for Adolf Hitler’s assumption of supreme power. Hitler used the resultant large “yes” vote to claim public support”.

2 / Another REFERENDUM was held in German-occupied Austria on 10 April 1938, the first nation to be annexed by Hitler’s Nazi Germany. The official result was reported as 99.73% in favour, w/ 99.71% turnout. LIFE in 1938 acknowledged that the results were “largely honest”

3 / 2013, Austria: 42 per cent agreed with the view that life “wasn’t all bad under the Nazis”, and 39 per cent said they thought a recurrence of anti-Semitic persecution was likely in Austria.

4 / Turkey has 245 journalists locked up behind bars as of January 24, 2018. 2,745 judges were dismissed and detained, followed by the dismissal, detention or suspension of over 100,000 officials. Erdoğan consolidated his power by REFERENDUM on 16 April 2017