Stalin was not a real marxist, Maduro is not real marxist, Mao was not…. you know the story.
Lenin was a real marxist?
On April 15 1919 Lenin issued a decree “On creation of the forced-labor camps”.
Also known as GULAGS.
Is this real marxism?

In May 1922, Lenin issued a decree calling for the execution of anti-Bolshevik priests, causing between 14,000 and 20,000 deaths. So… was Lenin a real marxist?

Were the nazis real marxists? “The Nazis in the early 1920’s closely observed Soviet concentration camp practices with the intention of emulating them once they came to power.”

In Mein Kampf Hitler admits that he copied design colours (red/black) & methods from the marxists. Marxist & Nazi aesthetics are like two drops of water in the same bucket. So, were the nazis real marxists?

Was Karl Marx a real marxist? In “The Victory of the Counter-Revolution in Vienna”, No. 136, 7 November 1848, Karl Marx wrote that there is only one means to shorten the MURDEROUS DEATH THROES OF THE OLD SOCIETY and the bloody birth pangs of the new: REVOLUTIONARY TERROR.

Karl Marx did NOT support a constitutional republic.
Karl Marx did NOT support institutions of direct/indirect democracy.
Karl Marx did NOT support referendums.
Karl Marx proposed “DICTATORSHIP of the proletariat”, a form of enforced enlightened despotism.
That’s real marxism.

A “real christian” is a Saint who mimics Christ and sacrifices HIMSELF for a higher purpose. A “real marxist” is a militant who mimics Lenin and sacrifices OTHERS for a higher purpose.

Today Tsipras’ officially evoked Lenin while speaking in parliament. Also today, his political party, SYRIZA, expressed support for Venezuela’s Maduro.
So, what do Tsipras, Maduro and Lenin all have in common? Are they real marxists?