Google, give me the most famous economists.

2/ Google, show me the most influential economists. well… the order just changed… Stiglitz & Krugman on top. Both winners of the Nobel prize.

3/ Google, show me Stiglitz books.
Making globalisation work (2006) The price of inequality (2012) So, inequality is the problem, to be solved with… globalisation.

4/ Google, show me Krugman books. “The Conscience of a Liberal: Reclaiming America from the Right” (2007)
Notes: The following year (2008) Krugman won the Nobel prize. In 2009 Obama also won the Nobel trophy (he reclaimed America from the right)

5/ More by Joseph Stiglitz: US will go down.
Joseph Stiglitz: U.S. Would Lose Its Vote At The U.N.

6/ Joseph Stiglitz: Key Role of UN in Global Financial Architecture
US hegemony should be replaced with UN!
“towards a new global financial and economic architecture delivered at the United Nations”

7/ Does Paul Krugman share similar views?
No borders. No economic sovereignty. The fall of American Empire.