Hate speech: what the heck is going on?
1/ The Council of Europe: an international organisation whose stated aim is to uphold HUMAN RIGHTS. ECHR: European Court of Human Rights, the main organ of the Council of Europe “Manual on hate speech” (2009), by the Council of Europe

2/ From the Manual on hate speech: Hate speech, by definition, covers ALL forms of xenophobia. By the greek etymology xenophobia is the fear (phobos) of xenos (stranger). Seems Hate Speech is a tool to protect
1. strangers against natives
2. minorities against the majority.

3/ The concept of Hate Speech faced 2 problems:
1. The European Court enforces the European Convention of Hunan Rights. The convention has NO REFERENCE on hate speech.
2. On the contrary, article 10 of European Convention of Human Rights supports freedom of speech.

4/ The “obstacle” of article 10. In 2007 the European Parliament passed the 1805 Recommendation that interprets article 10.
Three tricks:
1st trick: The assembly considers that religious insults (aka hard criticism) to any religious PERSON or GROUP should be penalised.

5/ 2nd trick: The assembly considers that religious insults (aka hard criticism) to any RELIGION should NOT be penalised. In other words: Europe should abolish all blasphemy laws NOW!

Do you get the scheme? Blasphemy laws protected both majority + minorities.

6/ Third trick: there was still a problem. Most “cultural laws” (e.g. blasphemy) in most periods of time are inactive. Even in the time of Constantine (4th century) were mostly inactive.
Inactive religious laws DISCOURAGE radical behaviour against the majority belief system.

7/ Solution: In order to ABOLISH inactive laws, you have to ACTIVATE them first.
That’s exactly what happened. Not in 1950. Not in 1960. Very, very recently. Usually it takes at least one parliamentary cycle from the activation to the abolishment of a law.

8/ Suddenly, in 2012, Javier Krahe (famous artist) is prosecuted in Spain for a scene shot 34 years ago ! An old scene lasting just 54 seconds.
Spain: Blasphemy law – activated.

9/ The same year, in 2012, Elder Pastitsios (a twitter trol) is arrested in Greece. Why? Because he insulted Orthodox Christianity. A penal procedure profoundly strange for modern Greece.
Greece: Blasphemy law – activated

10/ Suddenly, in 2017 the Irish police contacted Stephen Fry, the famous actor, and questioned him for breaking the constitutional blasphemy laws of Ireland.
Ireland: Blasphemy law – activated.

11/ By activating dead blasphemy laws, then it’s a playground for the media & progressivists to do their thing. RESULTS?
2008: United Kingdom – ABOLISHED the common law offences of blasphemy and blasphemous libel in England and Wales.
2012: Netherland ABOLISHED blasphemy laws.

2013. Russia INTRODUCES blasphemy laws (the Pussy Riot staged event led Putin to the PERMANENT ACTIVATION of blasphemy laws)
2015: Iceland ABOLISHED blasphemy laws
2015: Norway ABOLISHED blasphemy laws
2016: Malta ABOLISHED blasphemy laws

2018: Ireland, by referendum, ABOLISHED the constitutional ban on blasphemy
2018: Canada ABOLISHED blasphemy laws (LAST YEAR!)
2018: New Zealand ABOLISHED blasphemy laws.

2019: Greece ABOLISHED blasphemy laws
2019: Spain, the government and its allies have promised to ABOLISH their blasphemy laws.

15/ No blasphemy laws! We are free! Right? Not so fast.
October 25, 2018, the European Court of Human Rights ruled one particular prophet (Muhammad) from one particular religion (Muslim) is protected from insults under the European Convention.

16/ The protection of European Court didn’t include Christian religion or Jesus.
but… but… but… in 2007 the European Parliament passed the Recommendation that religious blasphemy should be tolerated …. that’s why Europe abolished the blasphemy laws? No.

17/ What happened is this: National Laws (specific) & National Courts (specific) have been replaced by European Law (a vague convention) & European Court (specific). Do you get it?

18/ Nations abolished their National religious laws, and the JURISPRUDENCE of European Court can decide and interpret what type of criticism on what religion, what prophet, and in what circumstances should be tolerated or not.

19/ If you study the French Revolution, it was exactly the same story.
The Revolution was orchestrated mostly by LAWYERS fighting for NATIONAL LAW that would replace the arbitrary judgement of the Courts (named “le Parlement” back then)

20/ Fr Revolution summarised by Robespierre: «Le mot de jurisprudence doit être banni de notre langue.» (The word jurisprudence must be banned from our language.)
The arbitrary judgement of Courts (minority) were replaced by LAWS representing the Nation (majority).

21/ Now we have the reverse going on. The National Assemblies become “tolerant” in a maximum way (idealism) and the European Court becomes specific to its intolerance (in the name of pragmatism).
It’s a game that transfers the sovereignty to the European Court.