Human rights are classified in “droit des personnes” of “Droit civil”.
Even today, in 2019, law manuals teach the religious history and sacred nature of those rights.

“la primauté de la personne” is the fundamental principle of human dignity in the legal system, founded in article 16 of French Civil Code.
“article 16 of Civil Code should be traced to the christian doctrine”. source: Droit des personnes et de la famille; 2017, p212

The “right of dignity” is, by definition, OPPOSED to the interests of science and the society.
So, if all medical experts want to harvest your organs, even if they prove how this will benefit the society, it has no legal basis. Why?
Rights are sacred & non-scientific.

Another example is the respect of human body after death. The body can’t be legally classified as “person” so it can’t benefit from any human rights.
However, the body holds a “sacred nature” and therefore it can NOT be considered an object based on the science of biology.