1. IQ is NOT a standard mesure of Cognitive Ability (CA) like Blood Pressure is for blood. ▪︎⇊ average CA → IQ average normal
2. CA is NOT Intelligence. It deteriorates with age. Still elders have ↑ experience-based Intelligence (e.g. W. Buffett in investing).

Chinese proverb 老马识途 (“An old horse knows the way.”) There is no general metric for experience-based (specific) intelligence.

Intelligence consists of 2 contradictory elements:
(1) The ability to learn (input experience / training)
(2) The ability to unlearn (question the existing training models) Similar for humans & Machine Learning.

There is a fundamental difference between learning & not-learning a training model Learning: needs ↑ CA (Cognitive Ability) Unlearning/not-learning: simple choice You need ↑ CA to learn the procedure of lobotomy. It’s just a choice to reject it as BS (& refuse to learn it)

Animals make intelligent survival decisions in the wild. They have low CA (Cognitive Ability) but make “paranoid” negative choices, too often reject all sounds as threatening. (rejecting = simple choice).
To enslave an animal you have to… train it!
Slavery = proper training.