Most know Voltaire due to his aggressive marketing in spreading radical anti-christian ideas. However, it is another author considered as foundational for the legal framework of the French Revolution: Ironically, a Catholic priest: Sieyès.

Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès or l’abbé Sieyès. This savage dude demolished the legal framework of the Ancien Régime. Established the modern concept of Nation, the need of national assemblies based on active citizens and not privileged casts & rejected utopian revolutionary BS.

In 1789, as the representative of the third state he proposes the most radical idea on French history: to rename the “Chambre du Tiers état” (Chambre of Third State) as « Assemblée des représentants de la Nation » (National Assembly). At that point, the revolution starts.

This detail is exemplary of the level of illiteracy & idiotic ignorance of modern scholars, claiming that “the enlightenment” was just an anti-christian or anti-religious movement. Sieyès, a PRIEST, was PRESIDENT of the Assembly (1790) drafting the 1st constitution.

After the crazy times of the Terror (Maximilien Robespierre), Sieyès returns, once again, to propose something equally radical: the first Constitutional Court to control the constitutional conformity of laws. Ahead of his time.

Voltaire proposed no concrete solution for any sociopolitical problem. BS generalisations were cardinal of “anti-christian humanism”, nothing more than a liberal bloggers virtual signalling from a safe distance. Individuals like Sieyès actually put their skin in the game.