A single cell to depths greater than 7.5 meters below the planet’s surface? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_on_Mars…
—-> Life on Mars!

Developed embryo with beating heart (3-4 weeks pregnancy).
—-> Life? What life?

US abortions – the numbers.
.001% resulted from an incestuous relationship
<0.5% victim of rape
3% fetal health problems

92.330% declare no reason (elective)
Black women 3.5 times more likely

40% of minors having an abortion report that neither of their parents knew about the abortion (AGI)
97% of abortions take place in freestanding abortion clinics—without any established doctor-patient relationship.

Protection is… not protection. – The most common method of contraception? Oral contraceptives. They have failure rates of 6 to 8% in actual practice. – Abortions usually result from unintended pregnancies, which often occur despite the use of contraception.

The moral of the story.

1/ “Which side are you on? […] look at the countries abortion is illegal and ask yourself if you really truly want to live this way”. Excellent question. Let’s explore it.

2/ Mental experiment: Take any group of victorian puritans and put them in the same living conditions. Within a couple of years they would have build a community getting out of poverty, without moral disgrace & abortion chaos.

3/ Do another experiment. Take any group of christians and impose them marxist moral values & laws. It’s a matter of time to talk about alcohol addictions (linked to atheism), social immorality, abortions and chaos.

In principle I’m in favour of Greek & Christian Orthodox type of humanism. Freedom, consent, and informed choices having conscience formed by education & traditions, family support & patriotism (family considered issue of national security).

5/ Although the objectives are similar, Latin & Catholic type of humanism often imposes morality through legal means, rules & hierarchy.

6/ However, I’m not sure all societies can handle freedom without sliding to chaos.
Greece & Russia are two statistical extremes. Both Orthodox. In 1920, Communist Soviet Union became the 1st in the world to allow abortion in all circumstances. Compare the results…

7/ France is another particularity. Most think France is about secular humanism against religious dogmatism. Until they experience…. french education.
French humanism: Rule-based, external discipline, micromanagement (no personal space) & constant shadow of an authority.

8/ We can’t have both. We can’t have a culture with no moral compass (as @SeloSlav puts it, without the critical view of our babushka overshadowing our lifestyle) and at the same time not imposing external restrictions.

9/ So, which side am I?
I’m not an aristocrat but embrace aristocratic view of meaning. I see all people as aristocrats, not as pleb. The “perfect laws” should be compared with those applied to Queen Elizabeth, not to South Africa (top rates of abortion).

10/ Old Testament contains books written by prophets or kings (King David, King Solomon etc.) as instructions for future kings. Jesus, is the model of eternal King. Aristotle taught Alexander, the greatest King. Aristocratic education starts with one lesson: αμαρτια (sin).

11/ Today we have films shaping our cultural values. In ancient Greece they had Poems. Poets like Homer.
Aristotle, in his Poetics, raises the question: what kind of poems should be promoted to the public?
Sin-based morality = action-based morality

12/ In christian/humanistic evolution of west, αμαρτια (sin) is about instilling responsibility and regard LIFE as higher value.
Left-wing liberal politicians & all the scum of the earth look people as pleb. As controllable puppets moved by impulsions & sexual drives.

13/ When a Royal Family talks about the “rights of the foetus”… suddenly… roman legal maxims apply. Nasciturus pro iam nato habetur, quotiens de commodis eius agitur
“The unborn is considered as already born to the extent that his own benefits are concerned”

14/ King John I of France inherited the throne of France in utero with with this legal maxim (legal tradition). Queen Victoria, by inheriting the British throne, claimed that any unborn progeny of Queen Adelaide would have had a prior claim to the throne.

15/ The elitist logic (not aristocratic view) divides into royal & pleb.
So, are you a Queen or a King?
–> Foetus is unborn baby with full legal rights to the throne.
Are you a pleb?
—> Foetus is a parasite. Particularly if you’re black woman (3.5 times more abortions).

16/ Blind legal banning doesn’t seem to work. In South Africa most abortions (57%) are illegal.
However, the left promotes a slippery slope of disgrace & degeneracy based on sinless rationalisations about life. That’s the point of my previous thread.

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