Let’s talk about idiots.

1/ Definition. A practical definition of an idiot could be this: binary thinking, either PRO or AGAINST sth. No nuance.
– throw all gays to jail or Soros-sponsored LGBT parades?
– blindly accept ALL vaccinations or blindly reject them? etc.

2/ Idiots see the PRESENT, the PAST and the FUTURE through binary thinking.
> In fact, classical manuals of propaganda teach step-by-step how to create a BIPOLAR AXIS (black & white) to dominate the debate before even starting it.

3/ The two principles for idiots:
(1) It would idiotic to presume that all idiotic trends are equal.
(2) Never underestimate the power of idiots in large groups
Let’s explore the first principle…

4/ All idiots are NOT equal:
– (A) All vaccines are evil … or … (B) all vaccines are safe
– (A) Muslim caliphate … or … (B) atheism is the “scientific” way of life
– (A) White nationalism … or … (B) open borders .
.. you know the rest

5/ Today the B-type of idiots have into their disposal:
– academy
– mass media & social media powerhouses
– political & economic establishment
– power of law & constitutional reforms (e.g. UN reports on “toxic masculinity”)
Anti-vaxxers don’t have a chance to compete with UN.

6/ B-Type of pro-vaccine idiots are marching into open VIOLATION OF NUREMBERG CODE and the foundations of modern Civil Rights. They have no clue on the legal territory we are entering.

7/ B-Type of idiots talk about science having no clue on relevant scientific literature and risks. Like kids playing with matches.

8/ B-Type of idiots. Again.

9/ It’s a trendy to talk about “natural selection” having zero understanding.

Deers & antilopes pause at any subtle noise from the woods presuming there is a hidden threat. ANY NOISE = DEATH SIGNAL. The less paranoid deers didn’t survive. Period.

10/ Today, having people going PARANOID to the point of refusing all vaccines (anti-vaxxers) by a central government is a proof that humanity may have a chance after-all. Again, oh… what a coincidence… religious groups being the non-conformists to central authority.

11/ Evolution is about understanding worst case scenarios (WCS). The WCS is NOT a plague. Humanity survived countless plagues. The worst scenario is being hunted by the most potent HUNTER: a human with tools. And, at the same time, living a natural catastrophe (e.g. plague).

12/ So…

am I an anti-vaxxer? No.
am I pro-vaccines? No.

I’m pro judging ALL medical treatments individually case-by-case and use them ONLY with informed consent. At any point, when an unidentified noise comes from the woods….. it may actually kill us.

13 / Western civilisation faced many threats: plagues, wars, muslim occupation, communists, nazis… you name it. And still, our values evolved in favouring CONSENT over COERCION, INSPIRING & PERSUADING over THREATENING. Favouring the COMPLEX over the EASY social solutions.