Note #1 Prisons were created by christian priests to avoid the alternative: death. When the first high courts developed in France (“Parlements” of middle ages) the priests were finally kicked out of the criminal chamber. Why? The king wanted to reinstate death penalty.

Note #2 After the enlightenment kicked off (17th and 18th centuries) when we talk about “privileges of the priests”, we include their privilege to have special courts where the penalty is PRISON instead of DEATH PENALTY.

Note #3 People who rationalise virtue & humanism outside the limits of religion, when given the power, they RATIONALISE VIOLENCE.
In France, they went as far as sending women to the guillotine in the name of “sex equality”.
“Virtue without terror is powerless” (Robespierre)

Note #4
The history of prisons is the result of GOOD (compassion) prevailing over EVIL (death).
This doesn’t mean that correctional rehabilitation doesn’t need reform. It implies, however, that ignorant libtards (evolutionary BS vendors) have taken over the academy.