1/ A graph of historical significance, when US is sleepwalking towards losing its fundamental constitutional freedoms.

2/ Demographics of ancient Athens, at the point where democracy was coming to an end. Easy naturalisations & illegal enrolments. The “sons of slaves” took over democracy.
Source: The Greek City and its Institutions, G. Glotz, 2010 p358

3/ Demographics in Rome.
In 376, barbarians forced to leave their territories (Eastern Europe), pushed by the Huns, “a race savage beyond all parallel.” (Marcellinus) (Huns like modern ISIS)
IMMIGRATION CRICIS → Rome accepted + protected barbarians (system of hospitalitas)

4/ Rome did NOT fall because it was attacked by the OUTSIDE. Rome fall because INSIDE barbarians enjoyed imperial protection (hospitalitas) and demanded FULL INDEPENDENCE.
In 418 AC – Hospitalitas + Federation (European Union of Barbarians)
In 476 AC – Fall of Rome

60 years