This should be a golden rule, in page 1 of every evolutionary textbook. That’s why [naive] evolutionary biology can’t beat [complex] classical education. History of ancient world provide us with nice metaphors on “evolutionary fitness”

Example: Who was more fit in a battle 2500 years ago?
– A poor peasant (untrained soldier)?
– Or an aristocrat (trained for years) using cavalry (horses + rich equipment)?
In one-by-one comparison it’s obvious: cavalry.

The ancient greek army made all major decisions in a systems level: did NOT focus on cavalry (thus, denying military power & prestige to aristocrats) and created something new: phalanx (φάλαγξ). Groups of untrained (“unfit”) peasants built the most deadly fit infantry.

Students of classics often wonder how philosophers, like Socrates, describe their days in battles as simple soldiers. How on earth can you have unfit individuals in an army fit enough to beat the Persians? This is where most evolutionary textbooks fail.

Aristotle goes as far as proposing that democracy is a political regime that is ONLY fit for a collective body of peasants of middle income (military untrained). It’s [almost] impossible for a group of military trained to naturally form democratic (pluralistic) government.

If you notice, most “evolutionary” atheists focus on comparing individuals: a modern “scientist” vs. an ancient “dogmatic”. They have failed to give examples (modern or ancient) where collective atheist communities produce anything more than self-righteousness & misery.