There is a profound childish simplicity in atheistic book titles, and I don’t think it’s just marketing. Looks like a mindset with innate lack of literary wealth. They seem repelled by figures of speech & metaphors. They seem contained in a safe set of buzzwords & platitudes.

Let’s compare with some religious Christian material that come up in Amazon #1 page The Armor of God (metaphor) The Language of God (metaphor) Let there be light (metaphor) Their eyes were watching God (metaphor) … Not all, but a whole lot of christian literature is like this.

This was inspired by another atheist scholar I just discovered: P. Boghossian. Being curious of his ideas, I found out his most influential work is: Socratic pedagogy, Critical Thinking, Moral Reasoning…. he could add Reason, Enlightenment…. Same platitudes, same buzzwords.

Francis Bacon (founder of modern scientific method) noticed that atheism is a byproduct of “little philosophy”. Maybe it’s more than that: a serious literacy/linguistics challenge. An incapacity to detect ANY indirect type of Truth in ANY figurative (indirect) type of speech.

For those who still don’t get it. Let’s use an another example: @nntaleb published an excellent book, “SKIN IN THE GAME”. A figurative title consolidates a background in probability & statistics. He didn’t name it “Enlightened Reason & Science of Risks in Humanism” (Pinker-like).

Of course, there is one notable exception, which I find distasteful. Atheists often try to appropriate strong religious symbolism. “The better ANGELS of our nature”, “the FOUR HORSEMEN of atheism” etc. As low as feminists trying to appropriate James Bond.

Now, let’s do an atheistic book title generator Poison (Hitchens), Delusion (Dawkins), Lying (Harris) or simply… Bad (Offit) + God or Faith or Religion Add some Science / Reason / Enlightenment. Extra points: Moral, Critical, free will Super extra: Cosmic, Universe, Humanism