1/ Authority is the power to give orders & expect obedience. The pillars of classic humanism (including classic liberalism, movement for abolition of slavery etc.) based on christian philosophical & ethical stance: “respect a respectful [humane] authority”.

2/ Progressive political clowns mask their public image w/ anti-authoritarian facade. Left-wing activism (destroying private & public property) is incompatible with the the most fundamental liberal idea: that of respect. Compare: activism from a Pastor vs. Godless activism

3/ Let’s google “left-wing authoritarianism”. The results? “Right-wing authoritarianism”. Left-wing authoritarianism doesn’t exist. It’s not an academic psychological construct. This speaks volumes: Zero respect for Truth. Zero self-reflection. Vicious reality shift. Shameless.

4/ In fact, being shameless is a prerequisite for left-wing authoritarianism. Countless academic papers try to link religious beliefs w/ shame. What they miss is the opposite: godless temperament linked instrumental Truth & being shameless (major component of LGBT movement).

5/ The shameless persona is tribal. Ignores out-group pressure but remains extremely susceptible to in-group dynamic. No respect (or fear) from the effects of ignoring Truth (in the abstract). But scared-as-hell of peer rejection, reflected by aposematic stylistic conformism.

6/ The end game of authoritarianism (left-wing & right-wing) is the same: in-group conformism, strip away individuality.
– North Korea
– Franco’s Spain
– Athenian army (visual representation): soldiers hold individual (personally styled) colours, signs & arms.

7/ Leftists are proud for their history on demanding equality in terms VOTING (e.g. women’s vote). However in history there was not a single marxist/left-wing movement establishing equal practical access to the right to BE VOTED. All animals are equal, but…