Fundamental concepts in biology:
1. Semi-permeable borders
2. Semi-conservative replication of DNA
3. Keep memory of foreign agents (memory B cells produce antibodies) Complex life is semi-permeable, semi-conservative with strong memory (history).

2/ Another fundamental of complex life systems: EXTREME CENTRALISATION through biological cascades. That’s how a single hormone (e.g. thyroid T3/T4 ) can control every single cell of human body. Our whole life ecosystem is controlled by a single source of energy… the sun.

3/ When you mutate p53 gene (“guardian of the genome”) you get a painful [random] cancer. Cancer looks random. It’s not. When you remove the sacred nature of virginity, from virgin Athena [Athens] or virgin Mary [Christianity] you get Sodom & Gomorrah. Looks random. It’s not.

4/ Trans radicalism is centralised (like everything else). By deactivating its suppressor (Virginity) the cascade appears. Give free passport to hedonistic radical group. A radical subgroup emerges. You let it loose. More radical subgroups emerge. It only gets worse…

5/ Luke 11:26, Jesus describes the cascade “Then it goes and brings seven other spirits more evil than itself”