1/ J. Peterson is one of the few modern intellectuals with the ambition to alter the contents of Jesus’ message (forming a new type of religion) by teaching biblical symbolism to ignorants. He makes staged fights w/ atheist buddies but accepts “the spirit of the world”.

2/ Peterson tried to unite two domains of study (theology & psychology) through “Biblical Symbolism”.
His core message is “clean your room” & “put your house in order” but without ever quoting Jesus on the subject. Why?

3/ The New Testament explicitly warned against “the house swept clean and put in order” as a trap for the human soul. According to Jesus “the final condition of that person” will be “worse than the first”.
Bible beats [naive] psychology. Once again.
Luke 11: 24-25

4/ Self-help ≠ Jesus-help
It’s a tragic story, but not without a lesson. Jordan Peterson’s core message comes to hunt him back. His house was out of order. And when he tried to clean it “the final condition” got, surprisingly, “worse than the first.”

5/ Of course, it’s not the time to defend what Jesus claims & why in every topic that Peterson touched. But as said before (Sept 2018), there is a reason why he has a free pass in modern society. He’s not the only one.

And, at the same time, they define every expression of human psyche as a disease. You’re a perfectionist? No, a neurotic. You’re an optimist? No, you have “optimism bias” (yes, this thing exists). You may be also “too agreeable” etc. Medicine-mimicking pseudoscience.