1/ Logic, in real life, is the art of making guesses on partial evidence.
Progressivism is the intellectual space where failed guesses don’t matter. Only POWER matters. No memory. That’s why they move so quickly from pro LGBT to against. From pro immigration to against.

2/ The logic of Che Guevara not only jailed gays, he made sure they are treated worse. They were treated like animals e.g. they were the last to come out for meals.
The logic of LGBT community: I’ll exchange worship for Satan himself as long as he gives me the taste of POWER.

3/ The 1933 remarkable coincidence
In 1933, gay organizations were banned in Nazi germany.
Same year, in 1933, Article 121 was added to the Soviet Union criminal code, which made male homosexuality a crime punishable by up to five years in prison with hard labor.

4/ The pattern took place in so many different regions, with different people, that begs the question: is it a universal truth? Maximalists (from left & right) have no standard logic based on virtue.
They have one standard: power.

5/ The subject of Sociology, introduced in schools and universities, doesn’t hide the progressive social objective: POWER. It is a concept “seen as good” for “exercising humanistic objectives”.

6/ Constitutional Law Legal textbooks distinguish power in two forms: personal & impersonal.
– Tyranny: the consolidation of PERSONAL POWER (individual or minority) against the majority
– Constitutional rights (e.g. free speech) by virtue of IMPERSONAL POWER (institutions)

7/ Constitutional Law vs. Sociology In Sociology, power takes 5 forms:
1. Legitimate power (e.g. absolute monarchy)
2. Referent power(based on loyalty)
3. Expert power (e.g. scientist)
4. Reward power
5. Coercive power
All forms of PERSONAL POWER that progressives fight for.

8/ The “struggle between classes” extended as “struggle between people” (power dynamics)
– rich vs. poor
– trans vs. cis gender
– conservatives vs. progressives
– women vs. men
– science believers vs. skeptics
– boomers vs. millennials
Divide & Conquer