1/ For those who don’t follow the trends: Marx is presented to students as the co-founder of sociology & textbooks educate children w/ the religious views of “sociologists”.
Same in all school programs I inspected: French, English, Spanish, Greek.
Keep that in mind.

2/ The curriculum of Sociology combines two things: scientism and cultural marxism.
Look at the contents: how science builds a better world, gender studies, social justice, identity culture & toxic masculinity.
The future followers of Dawkins & CNN, in a single school subject.

3/ Spanish Amazon (, search for “sociología en segundo año de bachillerato” (sociology in second year of high school).
Top results: full works of Karl Marx.
The official curriculum presents 3 founders of sociology: Marx, Durkheim, Weber (in that order)

4/ In France: “The great authors of sociology: Tocqueville, Marx, Durkheim, Weber”
Here, the anti-christian cultural war is nothing new. So different books take different approaches. Often, conservative authors, like Tocqueville, are used to counterbalance the narrative.

5/ In Greece, the left-wing Tsipras replaced Latin with Sociology in national examinations program.
Image 1: “the Conservative [movement] is afraid of Sociology”
Image 2: from official school curriculum

6/ While conservatives focus on Marx as a “failed economist”, the left has changed the frame.
Marx is not an economist anymore, he’s the co-founder of Sociology. Immature students find exactly what they want to hear (the word is unjust, adults are corrupted etc.).

7/ True story. The words “sociologie” and “positivisme” formulated by the atheist Auguste Comte. He was the founder of “positivisme religieux” (religious positivism) that later become the “Church of Humanity”. Imagine Dawkins & Marx dressed as priests.