1/ Good point by Minko Cechev, a web developer at google.
Next question: how much are you payed by the hour Minko? Are you easily available for web dev appointments? This simple question boils down the difference between EU & US capitalism.

2/ US has the largest number of well-payed general practitioners in the world
= attracts the best minds from the rest of the planet
= US medical textbooks become the global standard (translated in other languages) Similarly, google & FB are backbones of computer science.

3/ The US healthcare system is an integrated part of “the winner takes it all” global capitalism. US med schools attract the best minds in the world. This doesn’t solve the internal healthcare problem. It solves the “world domination” problem.

4/ I’m not advocating for free market healthcare. In fact, it’s inhumane & unsustainable. Just saying we should carefully analyse the parameters of every game. When a country becomes “second” in any domain, it loses in a “winner takes it all” game.

5/ Show me the country that has the *largest number* of imported well payed general practitioners. And I’ll show you students around the world who burn the midnight oil to fulfil “the dream” (reading US textbooks, theories & practices). You can take the USMLE exam… in India.

6/ Guns is not the only issue US culture can’t handle anymore. Just take a look at new movies, Netflix series & songs. By eliminating conservative voices (liberal & neoliberal final solution) they created a monoculture: sexualised, dark, irrational.
In one word: unsustainable.