Progress and religion

Middle ages.
1/ Socrates started his apology on how difficult it is to persuade the brainwashed.
Today we live in a parallel brainwashed universe where the Byzantine Empire never existed and, even more, most confuse middle-ages with its fundamental contradiction, Rennaissance.

2/ When were the largest & most glorious western churches built? After the 12th century. After the middle ages. “Great churches” means “more books”. Not “less books”.

3/ Cumulative statistics of economic activity. Church construction set out the competition for secular construction.

4/ I can’t find a single period of history were intellectual growth (renaissance) was not associated with strong reflections on the divine. Here we don’t see just two different styles of art. We see two different levels of dedication. Two different levels of perfectionism.

5/ Psychological studies on perfectionism may partially explain the reason.
↑ Religiosity (all types)→ ↑ Perfectionism
↑ Intrinsic Religiosity → ↑ Adaptive Perfectionism
↑ Extrinsic Religiosity → ↑ Maladaptive Perfectionism.

I pinpointed one dimension, perfectionism, to imply it’s opposite, laziness. The work of scientific realists (e.g. Dawkins’ “mind virus” in biology) is mostly a work of intellectual laziness. Not just wrong, but ugly. No soul & no erudition.


On European Court of Human Rights

1/ In 1962, the UK Supreme Court (Shaw v DPP) used its competency to create new law (new crime): “conspiracy to corrupt public morals”.
Judge Simonds declared the objective “to enforce the supreme and fundamental purpose of the law”.
The crime #SilverRule
The judge #GoldenRule

2/ In the decision, by the #GoldenRule, the judges take initiative & bypass the Parliament to enforce principles (of #SilverRule) even against the shifting “popular will” (coercive power of Supreme Court based on golden principles retained for 100s of years).

3/ The European Court of Human Rights tries to mimic the spirit of legal universalism (Golden Rule) by giving arbitrary & conflicting interpretations on novel & vague principles (“human rights”). European Justice is coercive Iron Law with Golden ambitions.

4/ What is “freedom of expression” in art 10 of ECHR? Well, you are free to insult Jesus, but not Prophet Muhammad. The mental gymnastics you can do with any given UnGolden Rule of the Convention for Human Rights, has surprised even the bold ones who tried this out in the courts.

5/ Most europeans have no clue about the ambiguity that the Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) brings to the national courts & hijack national laws. The most bizarre interpretations of “human Rights” makes experts surprised. Example:

6/ Given that:
1. European & Inter/nal Justice is extremely centralised applied through decentralisation (local courts apply central dogma)
2. Their facade seems invincible (human rights) It appears political localism (local administration) is the objective. Not the solution.

7/ “The margin of Appreciation” shows the opportunistic nature of “Human Rights”: French classrooms can’t have christian symbols (e.g. cross), while Italian classrooms can. Human Rights à la carte? They don’t enforce fundamental principles but a BS doctrine. They know it.


The problem with “scientist” job titles

1/ From titles like “data scientist” to “scientist”. This madness doesn’t end here.
We also have grades
– senior scientist
– principal scientist
– scientist I
– scientist II

Labelling researchers was intended for salary. Now the… “my dad is a scientist” is a job description.

2/ Darwin, was not a scientist. He was described as a naturalist, geologist, biologist etc.
Newton was not a scientist. He was described as mathematician, physicist, astronomer etc.
There is not any certification for becoming a “scientist”. At least, not among adults.

3/ Who is a botanist any more? Not cool. You’re not a mathematician or a statistician but … a scientist. The coolest kid in town is a “scientist”.

4/ The hubris:
1. The more we over-specialise the more general titles we claim. Do you specialise on a specialised specialty? You’re a scientist!
2. The more we reject metaphysics, the more metaphysical claims we make (“scientist” is a metaphysical title, like “priest”. ).

5/ For more context & inspiration. “Will Save Science in America or Go Down Swinging”.

At least “analyst” was a bit more humble. It implied some sort of special task. Even “data science”, ok, let’s say it englobes all scientific fields around data. But when a biologist is presented as “a scientist” I get goosebumps.


Western constitution

If only people studied history. Most learn a cartoonish version of French revolution, think of Paris as a romantic place, and make fun of Americans and their guns. The US created the most ancient stable written western constitution. If US goes down, the west goes to deep s**t.

You see this list? What do you think it is? It’s the number of different French constitutions AFTER the revolution. Every crazy doctrine has been constitutionalised. From Socialism to Empires legitimised with referendums (!) & parliamentary left-wing ROYALTY (yes royalty).

USA has a Federal Republic for 231 years. Technically, it’s the “first republic” after their revolution.. France has it’s V (fifth) Republic after 15 constitutions! In 2018 France celebrates for keeping a Republic for whole 60 years! wow… so much stability… 60 years.


Is it Christian for a Country to open the borders?

1/ On the Golden Rule: is it Christian for a Country to open the borders?

2/ Every morning the UK Parliament starts w/ prayers. The religiously-inspired nature of Parliamentary debates dates back to many centuries. There is, virtually, nothing new in modern moral dilemmas.

3/ Why do I mention the classics? Because UK Parliament used the “Homeric method” of debates that debased those who were not “honorable gentlemen”. You can’t do any political deliberation on Golden Rule w/ trolls. Let alone with payed trolls. (Persia used to pay trolls in Athens)

4/ Aristotle in his Rhetoric says “κυριωτάτην πίστιν έχει το ήθος” (first and foremost you should trust ethos/character). In Rhetoric it’s not the “facts”. Not just the “evidence”. But the character of your opponent has to be established BEFORE any deliberation.

5/ The ignorance, absurdity and ineptitude of American scholarship reached the point of reversing even the english definitions of latin terms. I typically use the “argumentum ad hominem” as an example, where the American Wikipedia defines the exact OPPOSITE of the french one.

6/ Ad hominem argument in French Wikipedia
Ad hominem = check for contradictions + practice what you preach

7/ Now compare with the english version.
Ad hominem: “a fallacious argumentative strategy whereby genuine discussion of the topic at hand is avoided by instead attacking the character”.
Deliberately confusing ad hominem with ad personam.
An intellectual scam.

8/ With this simple introduction I’ll make my next point: Forget about the borders. How did the UK Parliament dealt with the French Revolution & execution of the French King?
Should the UK become a Republic? Those were hot issues back then.

9/ Parliamentary reports informed the public by dividing pro-French Revolution politicians in two categories: the BS vendors (radicals) who supported Liberal Revolution showing no character. And those who actually believed in the liberal cause. They took the latter seriously.

10/ In other words: ad hominem = #SITG
Now, should we open the borders? Christian solutions may come by a Bible-inspired politicians. And secular answers may appear by secular humanists. If both have SKIN IN THE GAME in no borders (= took risk e.g. opened their own houses).

11/ Example: Lincoln was inspired by Lord Byron. Byron was not a “liberal poet” because he wrote liberal poems but, mostly, because he sacrificed himself in the cause of Liberal Revolution in Greece against Turks. He had also adopted a 9-year-old Turkish Muslim girl (humanism).

12/ Golden Rule = (do vs. say) = (practicing vs. preaching)
We live in a globalised society and the notion of borders is going to change. Inevitably. Still, we can’t afford radical liberals dominating the debate.


Golden rule

On the Golden Rule

1/ Definitions

2/ Is Golden Rule enforced?
Golden Rule is not a rule. It’s a code of conduct, even more, it’s a code of virtue.
Not written as “νομος” (law) but “κανών” (code).
A code of virtue, if enforced, loses its defining element: virtue. It’s not golden anymore. Just a rule.

3/ Is Golden Rule a contract?
The Golden Rule is NOT a contract. No equal participation of volunteers. In that respect, it expects nothing in return.
Example: The Good Samaritan didn’t sign any a contractual agreement when he provided aid to the helpless victim.

4/ Who are the “judges” of the Golden Rule?
Jesus understood context. When asked, in the context of “this world”, he refused to become a religious judge & enforce virtue. Virtue should be written in the hearts of people. This is eternal.

5/ Social Contract = Silver Rule
The modern concept of voluntary social Contract in all members of the society, as equals, is a manifestation of Silver Rule. But were was the social contract in Rome? In ancient Greece? In India? Limited in certain class, tribe or local region.

6/ Social contract developed as such: all members of the body of Christ are equal: Women & Men, Free & Slaves.
ex: Church actively secured (Golden Rule) that in all marriages the bride says “yes” w/ absence of coercive force. NOT in the muslim world, NOT in the indian world.

7/ Black Slavery: the Silver Rule between traders
Black slavery was the product of the enlightenment, the most profitable merchandise that liberals (like T. Jefferson) could buy through adverts that other liberals promoted (like B. Franklin who sold slaves in his newspapers).

8/ Anti-slavery movement was the product of Christian Golden Rule. It was urged by Quakers’ antislavery committees to actively aid the helpless slaves (Golden Rule). Some slaves, however, didn’t like the idea.
Example: black author, nostalgic on the safety of being a slave.

9/ Is Golden Rule “Lindy”?
There is only one Rule named “Golden” in all European languages. You can’t beat this level of Lindiness without, of course, erasing all European literature.

10/ Golden Rule & economy.
Those who don’t distinguish between “free markets” and “plutocracy” (like Xenophon did) are incapable to distinguish between Golden Rule and Iron Law.
Iron Law: virtue signalling (e.g. Golden Rule) in theory, oligarchic elites in reality

11/ Golden Rule & Law
In some cases UK Common Law was found unfair & counterbalanced by the Equity process, by Lord Chancellor (priest) that kept the “conscience of the King”.
The catch: plaintiffs should have “clean hands”.
“The Golden Rule of the Royal Law of Equity” 1688

12/ Golden Rule & Law (#2)
Notice that ancient legal systems focused on what you SHOULD NOT DO (silver rule) w/ simplistic reactionary punishments.
Equity introduced doctrine of G. Rule on what you SHOULD DO e.g. injunctions forcing powerful people to DO SOMETHING (RESTORE).

13/ Golden Rule & Law (#3)
Example: history is full of stories of powerful stealing family land from the weak. When justice was served they only had to pay remedies (UK Comm Law). G Rule (equity injunction) forced them to actually restore (return the land, rebuild house etc).

14/ Paradox of law
Finally we have to address the paradoxes: every law has a “text” and a “spirit” (paradox 1). Golden Rule is the ideal spirit of law, not the law. Certain slaves liked the safety of slavery (paradox 2) & equity may go beyond its spirit (Iron Law, paradox 3).

15/ Summary
📌Silver Rule: passive symmetry (a contract with peers of equal status)
📌Golden Rule: proactive symmetry (theologically: a contract with God)
🔥A “saviour complex” can lead to global abolition of slavery… or … a proactive “terror of virtue” (see Robespierre)


On Logic

1/ Logic, in real life, is the art of making guesses on partial evidence.
Progressivism is the intellectual space where failed guesses don’t matter. Only POWER matters. No memory. That’s why they move so quickly from pro LGBT to against. From pro immigration to against.

2/ The logic of Che Guevara not only jailed gays, he made sure they are treated worse. They were treated like animals e.g. they were the last to come out for meals.
The logic of LGBT community: I’ll exchange worship for Satan himself as long as he gives me the taste of POWER.

3/ The 1933 remarkable coincidence
In 1933, gay organizations were banned in Nazi germany.
Same year, in 1933, Article 121 was added to the Soviet Union criminal code, which made male homosexuality a crime punishable by up to five years in prison with hard labor.

4/ The pattern took place in so many different regions, with different people, that begs the question: is it a universal truth? Maximalists (from left & right) have no standard logic based on virtue.
They have one standard: power.

5/ The subject of Sociology, introduced in schools and universities, doesn’t hide the progressive social objective: POWER. It is a concept “seen as good” for “exercising humanistic objectives”.

6/ Constitutional Law Legal textbooks distinguish power in two forms: personal & impersonal.
– Tyranny: the consolidation of PERSONAL POWER (individual or minority) against the majority
– Constitutional rights (e.g. free speech) by virtue of IMPERSONAL POWER (institutions)

7/ Constitutional Law vs. Sociology In Sociology, power takes 5 forms:
1. Legitimate power (e.g. absolute monarchy)
2. Referent power(based on loyalty)
3. Expert power (e.g. scientist)
4. Reward power
5. Coercive power
All forms of PERSONAL POWER that progressives fight for.

8/ The “struggle between classes” extended as “struggle between people” (power dynamics)
– rich vs. poor
– trans vs. cis gender
– conservatives vs. progressives
– women vs. men
– science believers vs. skeptics
– boomers vs. millennials
Divide & Conquer


On Sociology

1/ For those who don’t follow the trends: Marx is presented to students as the co-founder of sociology & textbooks educate children w/ the religious views of “sociologists”.
Same in all school programs I inspected: French, English, Spanish, Greek.
Keep that in mind.

2/ The curriculum of Sociology combines two things: scientism and cultural marxism.
Look at the contents: how science builds a better world, gender studies, social justice, identity culture & toxic masculinity.
The future followers of Dawkins & CNN, in a single school subject.

3/ Spanish Amazon (, search for “sociología en segundo año de bachillerato” (sociology in second year of high school).
Top results: full works of Karl Marx.
The official curriculum presents 3 founders of sociology: Marx, Durkheim, Weber (in that order)

4/ In France: “The great authors of sociology: Tocqueville, Marx, Durkheim, Weber”
Here, the anti-christian cultural war is nothing new. So different books take different approaches. Often, conservative authors, like Tocqueville, are used to counterbalance the narrative.

5/ In Greece, the left-wing Tsipras replaced Latin with Sociology in national examinations program.
Image 1: “the Conservative [movement] is afraid of Sociology”
Image 2: from official school curriculum

6/ While conservatives focus on Marx as a “failed economist”, the left has changed the frame.
Marx is not an economist anymore, he’s the co-founder of Sociology. Immature students find exactly what they want to hear (the word is unjust, adults are corrupted etc.).

7/ True story. The words “sociologie” and “positivisme” formulated by the atheist Auguste Comte. He was the founder of “positivisme religieux” (religious positivism) that later become the “Church of Humanity”. Imagine Dawkins & Marx dressed as priests.


On Diversity and Centralism

Fundamental concepts in biology:
1. Semi-permeable borders
2. Semi-conservative replication of DNA
3. Keep memory of foreign agents (memory B cells produce antibodies) Complex life is semi-permeable, semi-conservative with strong memory (history).

2/ Another fundamental of complex life systems: EXTREME CENTRALISATION through biological cascades. That’s how a single hormone (e.g. thyroid T3/T4 ) can control every single cell of human body. Our whole life ecosystem is controlled by a single source of energy… the sun.

3/ When you mutate p53 gene (“guardian of the genome”) you get a painful [random] cancer. Cancer looks random. It’s not. When you remove the sacred nature of virginity, from virgin Athena [Athens] or virgin Mary [Christianity] you get Sodom & Gomorrah. Looks random. It’s not.

4/ Trans radicalism is centralised (like everything else). By deactivating its suppressor (Virginity) the cascade appears. Give free passport to hedonistic radical group. A radical subgroup emerges. You let it loose. More radical subgroups emerge. It only gets worse…

5/ Luke 11:26, Jesus describes the cascade “Then it goes and brings seven other spirits more evil than itself”


On Authority

1/ Authority is the power to give orders & expect obedience. The pillars of classic humanism (including classic liberalism, movement for abolition of slavery etc.) based on christian philosophical & ethical stance: “respect a respectful [humane] authority”.

2/ Progressive political clowns mask their public image w/ anti-authoritarian facade. Left-wing activism (destroying private & public property) is incompatible with the the most fundamental liberal idea: that of respect. Compare: activism from a Pastor vs. Godless activism

3/ Let’s google “left-wing authoritarianism”. The results? “Right-wing authoritarianism”. Left-wing authoritarianism doesn’t exist. It’s not an academic psychological construct. This speaks volumes: Zero respect for Truth. Zero self-reflection. Vicious reality shift. Shameless.

4/ In fact, being shameless is a prerequisite for left-wing authoritarianism. Countless academic papers try to link religious beliefs w/ shame. What they miss is the opposite: godless temperament linked instrumental Truth & being shameless (major component of LGBT movement).

5/ The shameless persona is tribal. Ignores out-group pressure but remains extremely susceptible to in-group dynamic. No respect (or fear) from the effects of ignoring Truth (in the abstract). But scared-as-hell of peer rejection, reflected by aposematic stylistic conformism.

6/ The end game of authoritarianism (left-wing & right-wing) is the same: in-group conformism, strip away individuality.
– North Korea
– Franco’s Spain
– Athenian army (visual representation): soldiers hold individual (personally styled) colours, signs & arms.

7/ Leftists are proud for their history on demanding equality in terms VOTING (e.g. women’s vote). However in history there was not a single marxist/left-wing movement establishing equal practical access to the right to BE VOTED. All animals are equal, but…