Do you have any advice on learning ancient greek? Link
When I get this question, typically, I suggest to start with modern greek. The core Platonic vocab is the same (polis, politeia, sophia etc.) and it’s easier to find resources and motivation.

What would you change to eduction if you could? Link
1) Stop the separation between STEM & literature (focus on greek & latin)
2) Introduce rigorous deductive logic as a lost art (often the best students confuse a theory with its inferences.)
3) Moral education & respect (including Theology, Plato & Aristotelian Ethics)

Maybe you should publish your own writings in a way, to see what you got. Instead of randomly popping in tweets. Link
To answer your question more directly I have notes that I’ll publish *if* and *when* and I consider it proper. Meanwhile I honestly find twitter more productive. To me it’s not random & it helps me connect the dots. Josh Hochschild and Nassim Taleb are far ahead. Read their books.

Is Who Killed Homer? The Demise of Classical Education a good book? Link
The book raises awareness, but I find that the various lectures of Davis Hanson, freely available on youtube, are better than the book.

Can you site something for me to read more about [non-linearity of correlation] ? Link
Unfortunately I can’t find any book on statistics that goes deep. In fact, I can’t find any serious book on statistics in general. They became like recipe books. But medicine in general teaches solid logic in its clinical semiology & diagnosis, other “scientists” are unaware of.

What books should I buy? Link
When people ask me “what book should I buy?” I say, go to twitter, follow @nntaleb, it’s live !
Thinking in high dimensions !!! Strategists call it High Strategy.
We can include 3 “pro” words: french prévision (strategy) + english provision (material) + greek πρόγνωση (logic)

What is your suggested material on greek or byzantine history? Your posts imply that mainstream narrative is wrong.
Original texts. I’ve never found a translation that I would trust. This applies also to New Testament. e.g. In the original NT the word “θρησκεία” (religion) is found only in one place w/ negative connotation (James 1:26-27). Translators put the word “religion” all over the NT.

Why do you think Nassim went for [Greeks vs. Romans] metaphor? Do you think he read weird book? Link
Hey mate! I respect the hard work of @nntaleb but his views are often trapped in secondary narratives so widespread & difficult to escape.
Gibbon on Byzantium or Cato on Greeks is like reading Fox News on Obama or Hillary on Trump: it’s a trap.

Do you have names for these masked BS vendors? Link
If you go to any major airport in EU or US you’ll see the same collection of best sellers. If you notice most of them try to do the same thing, to redefine truth, to break the myths, to break the old naive “BS models”. And to do so, they create new naive models. It’s a trend.

This is really interesting. I can’t read Greek but just out of curiosity what is the book you referenced?
Where to start from? Almost all. From Homer to Aristotle. Nicomachean Ethics is a good start. Example of summary here https://gradesaver.com/aristotles-ethics/study-guide/summary-book-three… The New Testament uses the same vocabulary with strikingly similar expressions and phrases found throughout greek literature.