Google (2)

Google, give me the most famous economists.

2/ Google, show me the most influential economists. well… the order just changed… Stiglitz & Krugman on top. Both winners of the Nobel prize.

3/ Google, show me Stiglitz books.
Making globalisation work (2006) The price of inequality (2012) So, inequality is the problem, to be solved with… globalisation.

4/ Google, show me Krugman books. “The Conscience of a Liberal: Reclaiming America from the Right” (2007)
Notes: The following year (2008) Krugman won the Nobel prize. In 2009 Obama also won the Nobel trophy (he reclaimed America from the right)

5/ More by Joseph Stiglitz: US will go down.
Joseph Stiglitz: U.S. Would Lose Its Vote At The U.N.

6/ Joseph Stiglitz: Key Role of UN in Global Financial Architecture
US hegemony should be replaced with UN!
“towards a new global financial and economic architecture delivered at the United Nations”

7/ Does Paul Krugman share similar views?
No borders. No economic sovereignty. The fall of American Empire.


On the role economic supremacy in global issues

I don’t believe in the supremacy of economy as moving force. My premises include that:
(1) macroeconomy is rigged
(2) a loaded gun is stronger than a loaded wallet
(3) a loaded mind is stronger than a loaded gun

2/ Russia is a global player for two reasons: loaded gun + loaded mind (they carefully read the opponent). The combination of two builds up a sustainable economic force.

All major conservative voices in Europe are poor minds backed by the loaded guns of US neocons-Israel axis.

3/ Salvini met Trump in US back in 2016. He finally won because Trump won, both supporting Jerusalem as capital of Israel. If the handlers of Trump go down, Salvini goes down. The whole story of “economic model of growth”, in my view, is pure BS.